Nivin Pauly’s Bodhini Short Film On Child Abuse

 Nivin Pauly Talks to Children about how they need to tackle child abuse!

Watch the beautiful short film by Bodhini that has gone viral for the right reasons! “Children are a priceless gift from God and our best hope for the future..Every child has the right to be in a safe environment,to be protected from harm and danger and most importantly, to never be exploited.Child sexual abuse is one of the biggest threats faced by our society today.Everyday we read reports of such cruelty happening to children, from strangers and even from family. These sickening reports are heartbreaking. When Jude approached me with this concept of a video to educate children about the danger of sexual abuse, I decided to convert my grief into action. Our aim was to raise a voice against such horrible acts. Small step towards creating awareness.A big thanks to all who made this effort possible — my friend Jude for the initiative, Bodhini for their amazing work & support, all the authorities, and the wonderful children. Stand up for them,don’t stand back…Children are uncut diamonds.It is our responsibility to save them too.Please share the video and let’s all teach our children to protect themselves and raise a voice against such abuse,” posted superstar Nivin Pauly on facebook!