Nico and Dana Ruh to make India debut at SulaFest 2017

SulaFest in Nashik is known for its mega mix of music genres. Bridging everything from World Fusion to Electro Acoustic, Techno, House, Pop, Electronica, Electro-Swing, Disco, Garage, Rock, Percussion, Indie, Reggae, Afro, Irish and Bass!!

One of underground music’s leading ladies, Germany born Dana Ruh, takes centre-stage at the 10th edition of SulaFest this year! Having toured the world, Ruh has electrified clubs from the UK to the US and Russia to Romania!

India’s music ambassador, famous over the world, multilingual folk music band, theRaghu Dixit Project makes their way to SulaFest this year too!


Another sensational international artist, a classically trained clarinet player and one of the world’s best DJ’s, Nico Stojan from Germany will play his electrifying music to induce audiences with zest and energy like never before!

Having played with and opened for his global peers – including Stephen K, Graham Gold, Dale Anderson and Infected Mushroom, Hyderabad’s most celebrated artist Murthovich is all set to light the stage on fire at SulaFest.

A music sojourner in his own accord, Dhruv Ghanekar, a multi-instrumental artist with his band Dhruv Voyage will introduce SulaFest-ers to a unique genre-bending music as they seamlessly mix North and West African music with Jazz, Pop, Assamese as well as Rajasthani folk music! Dhruv has performed and recorded with some of the biggest names in the Indian and international music scene – John McLaughlin, Richard Bona, A.R Rahman, Bob Belden and more!

With a taste of distinctiveness from the rest, Neeraj Arya famously known for Kabir Rock, will with his band The Kabir Café create magic at the Amphitheater stage.

One of Mumbai’s favorite house and techno DJs, DJ Chhabb has no limitations to genre within his electronic spectrum and will be found on the Atmasphere stage amidst the vineyards.

Making his long awaited debut in India – DJ Wouter de Moor has been DJing since the age of 12, hails from Amsterdam and has the world following him! The music genius will introduce fest-goers to what is truly techno music!

With 20 years of experience in the music field, tours across the world and now manager of the Ibiza Sonica Radio, Ernesto Altes will light up the stage at SulaFest 2017! This with his vibrant electronic music.

DJ Igor Marijuan, Ibiza Sonica’s Director and yet another world class musician will hit the stage too and rest assure music magic awaits!

Having received a tremendous global acclaim for her experimental take on the DIY singer-songwriter genre, India born, California raised folk fusion songstress, Zoya – who has opened for the likes of Storyman, Salman Rushdie, Ryan Scott, Raghu Dixit, and more…will also be joining the troop to mesmerize the audience at SulaFest!

With a line-up that can’t be topped for its wide array of genres and artists from around the world, there is yet more to be announced soon! Stay tuned..