Need to impress someone? Go Nude!

Do not worry! The ‘Nude’ here does not refer to going without clothes, it simply refers to the style of dressing and make-up if you want to impress someone. Even until a few years ago, cheesy red or a flirty fuchsia used to rule the market, from lip-shade to attire, from handbag to accessories. But now, nude is the fashion, and fashion has become nude. Keep it pale and flaunt au-naturel if you want to impress a guy or leave an enduring mark on your colleagues at an official meeting.

Stick to monochromatic light peach or salmon pink for your clothes and make-up, keep your eyes modest e.g. by wearing a single coat of mascara and no eye-liner, and adorn no ornaments on your ears, nose or neck. Hydrate your skin and keep it healthy, let it ooze the nectar of innocence. People now appreciate the natural inner beauty and confidence of a person shining forth on the skin than a synthetic decked-up beauty. In that sense, we can safely say that going nude is no longer rude!