Nature First By Lulu

Lulu’s green initiative called Nature First was inaugrated recently ,Read more here!

Lulu’s green initiative called Nature First aims to educate and involve the masses about the steps that can be taken to save the environment for a greener tomorrow. The function held at Lulu Mall on June 5th was inaugurated by Collector M. Rajamanickam with a pledge to preserve nature. Some of the initiatives include rain water harvesting, planting more trees, keeping the city clean, creating awareness about the wastage of food, ensuring clean drinking water etc.

Nature first by Lulu (Copy)

A host of interesting events were planned as a part of the initiative like a ‘Wildlife Photography’ exhibition, an exhibition of ‘Rare plants of Kochi’ and the ‘Master Practise Studio’. The events had active participation from film personalities like Manju Pillai, Vijay Babu, Vineeth Kumar, Sijoy Varghese, Jacob Gregory, Tovino Thomas and Sandra Thomas.