Nara Rohit – striving hard to save his movies & name!

Nara Rohit is depending a lot on Nandamuri and Nara Fan base to save his movies. Being rated as a creative actor with peculiar eye in selecting versatile projects like ‘Banam, Solo, Prathinidhi, Asura’ etc, of late Rohit is trying to evolve with a regular commercial hero image. For example, ‘Thuntari, Savithri’ happens to show his weak script selection. One does not know, whether Rohit is doing this deliberately to get tagged as commercial hero or is he in a hurry to complete the big bunch of assignments signed prior?

Despite Balakrishna and Chandrababu Naidu attending each and every film event connected to Rohit, revenues for his films aren’t really promising. Now, ‘Raja Cheyyi Vesthe’ with Taraka Rathna is the next mass masala outing from Rohit and the trailer says it all. If Rohit has to pick up a mass hero image, immediate requirement suggested by his admirers is to tone down the aberrant physique.

Without concentrating on story, screenplay and physical fitness; there is no way Rohit can move forward to gain the stardom. Instead of ‘Ro‘hit,’ audience might rename him as Ro‘flop.’