Nail Therapy

Nail Culturee is a one of its a kind hand, feet and nail spa owned by Mrs. Rokhini Priyanka. With therapeutic services, international products, and highly trained professionals, it in itself offers an experience like none other. The principle idea behind Nail Culturee was to make hygiene a lifestyle. Maintenance of nails might seem like a very minute detail but in the bigger picture, a lot of people seek care for their body that is very difficult to find. The Jubilee Hills franchise is run by Anusha Devanand and Sandhya Manjunath.

Cracked heels, rough skin, calluses, pigmentation, and tanning are some issues that they tackle on a regular basis, unlike any other regular nail salon. Moreover, they are the only nail spa where both men and women are warmly welcomed to experience services. In today’s time and age where time is a luxury, they make sure you don’t have to pick between going to the spa or spending time with your loved ones as they offer space for you to host bridal showers, hi-tea parties, girls day out and so much more!

On the menu is a huge range of services like nail art, manicure and pedicure tailored especially for an individual based on their skin type, texture, and problems, but also providing treatments for them. Step into this one of a kind experience and indulge in niche beauty services and unique skin treatments like the avojuice skin quenchers treatment, paraffin wax treatment, diabetic treatment, and anti-aging treatment, to name a few. And you’ll surely come back to more pampering sessions.

Call: +044 4264 0766 Where  No1, Krishna Street, North Usman road, t Nagar (6.02 km) 600017 Chennai, India

 Call: +91 91216 06969 Where: 2nd Floor, Aruna Arcade, Rd Number 1, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad Approx price per person ` 850+