Muse Room takes you Back To The Roots on July 9th

Reviving Chakyar koothu, A Performance Rich in Tradition, Culture, Drama & Humour!

“Muse roomies are in for a very special treat this time. Presenting Chakyar koothu, the traditional equivalent of the modern day stand-up comedy! Only this one is much more colloquial, regional and hence more relatable!” that’s how Muse Room describes this special performance.


The audience can expect to hear some absolutely interesting, comical, stories from the pages of the puranas interspersed with commentary on current socio-political events. It’s not for nothing that its said that humans should laugh at themselves once in a while. Painkulam Narayana Chakyar is going to make sure that it happens at the Muse Room, Panampilly Nagar on July 9th at 7pm. Book your tickets at