Muse Room Gears up For Yet Another Weekend of Fun

Get Set for Another round of foot tapping numbers at the Muse Room

“Harish Sivaramakrishnan, Praveen Kumar and Swami, the frontmen of Agam, India’s genre-defining, Carnatic, progressive Rock Act, is coming this weekend to present a set list that is anything but Agam.

muse room july


The trio of Vocals, guitars and keys will be playing their life-long muses. That’s right. A bunch of covers of some of the greatest composers of our times, Legendary Baburaj, the Mozart of Madras AR Rahman, Melody king Vidyasagar, Musician extraordinaire Hariharan, the brilliant Sharath and many more. Each song has a story and a reason. What it means to the trio. Why they are being played here. So, expect a lot of music and some talking and some calls to sing along!” explains the team at Muse Room. Book your seats at┬áDont miss this event on July 23rd, 7pm.