Mrs Universe Pageant 2017

For Neha Banerjee who was the sixth runner up in the Mrs Universe Pageant 2017 life has been no cake walk.She was interested in doing the catwalk since she was 16. In India modelling is not taken seriously as a career especially if a woman is married and has kids.

Neha hails from Nagpur,a small town and was married off at 21.Born in a family of engineers,she found it difficult to convince her family to get into the modelling industry. However she found support in her husband and family and boldly signed up for a couple of assignments. She won the Mrs Bravery and Beautiful Eyes at the international pageant held in Durban, South Africa. She admits that the scope for a married woman in the industry is dull. In spite of all these hurdles she says that one has to keep moving forward to make a mark.She is currently in Chennai and is in love with the city.She hopes to do more assignments here. Kudos Neha and All the Best.