Mobile Beauty Salon by Priyanka Reddy, Hyderabad


“A lot of good things happen over coffee”, this saying aptly fits the bill in the life of the pretty ladypreneur, Priyanka Reddy. While having a casual conversation with her hubby over coffee; one idea led to the other and ‘Krasna’, the mobile beauty salon was born.

Looks like entrepreneurship is deep rooted in her life. First it was the launch of her jewelry brand, ‘Priynk’ and now it’s time for grooming in the luxury of one’s home. Priyanka has an artistic streak too as she is a trained Kathakali dancer.

Hyderabad is abuzz with salons and spas but Priyanka wanted to stead a step ahead and therein launched the app, ‘Krasna’. The major factor helping them grow exponentially is the strong team of professional beauticians and makeup artists in their team that cater to the entire stretch of Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Cyberabad. Krasna will be a more established organisation reaching out to untapped markets. Priyanka Reddy also has a vision of spreading her wings to 10 major cities in the country.