Chasing Her Dreams of Glitz And Glam ! – Anjana Venu

‘Rima Kaillingal has always been my role model’ says Anjana Venu 

The winners of Miss Kerala 2019 strongly believe that hardwork and passion eventually pays off. Interestingly, all three title winners believe that it is journey that matters more than the destination. With each passing year, Miss Kerala pageant gets tougher with more number of applicants, multiple levels of screening and shortlisting protocols. Impresario Events zeroed in on twenty two participants this year who underwent a series of training and grooming sessions on how to handle various aspects of the competition! The winners revealed that contrary to popular perception, all 22 participants shared a strong bond with each other. They were there to support each other in times of need and they felt more like a gang of friends who were ready to the take on the world! RITZ is in conversation with Miss Kerala 2019 second runner up Anjana Venu!

Text: Riya Sonny Datson

Anjana Venu 

Anjana Venu is a graduate in Finance and Management from the American University of Sharjah and is currently working as a project manager at a Fintech company in Bengaluru. As a young girl, she was fascinated by the luminous, life size billboards that showcased gorgeous women wearing trendy fashion or sparkly jewelry and it became her dream to be a part of the advertising and modelling world.  But she also understood that it was important to complete her studies and have a career back up before stepping into the world of glitz and glam. Anjana Venu is the second runner up for the Miss Kerala 2019 title.

How did you step into the world of modelling?

This has always been my dream and I was just waiting to complete my studies to try my hand at modelling. I remember watching Rima Kallingal and feeling inspired by her during her participation in the Miss Kerala contest. I knew I wanted to take part in the contest some day. I participated in my first beauty pageant and I won the title which reaffirmed my inclination towards the field. I also happened to be featured on the cover of the Vanita Magazine and that added to my confidence.  I knew deep down that this was my passion and I had to pursue it. 

Is Rima Kallingal your role model?

Yes of course! To me, she is just a complete package when it comes to beauty, brains, talent and confidence. I still remember her setting the record for winning six subtitles at the Miss Kerala event. She was the first runner up for the title but she went on to do so much in terms of Cinema and women empowerment. She has always had the courage to raise her voice against injustice is someone who has inspired me throughout my life.    

What were your preparations for the contest?

In terms of physical preparation, I just cut down on sugars and watched my diet before the event.  It is important to be aware of current affairs when you are participating for events like these, so I brushed up my general awareness of world affairs.

Did you feel any stress during the pageant?

Not at all. I love the stage and I have been a public speaker since childhood. So I have always been confident to get on stage. Another advantage was the fact that Impressario events conducted digital auditions this time which gave all the participants an opportunity to get to know each other. So eventually when we met, we felt like we had known each other for a long time. This was on event where I hardly felt any competition except when we were on stage.  So, it was literally stress free for me.    

Did you find any level particularly challenging?

I think, every part of the pageant was challenging at some point. Since I was working, it was a challenge to ensure that I completed all the tasks that were assigned to me before the final pageant.  I used to work on them, post office hours, during early mornings or during weekends, which was really tough and tiring. It was difficult to juggle it all but I owe it to my friends and family for being such strong pillars of support. We were also asked to make our social media account public, which was also not something I was very comfortable doing. 

What is your strength?

My Family and friends ! Without their undivided support and constant push, I would not be where I am today!  

Your biggest Learning?

I think that would be the sense of bonding that we shared amongst ourselves during the pageant. It was amazing to see how girls helped each other out by lending their heels, mending each other’s makeup, sharing accessories or just comforting each other when someone didn’t make it to the next level – all while the show was happening!  I have never seen such bonds in any show before. 

What is on your Bucket list?

I am not sure what the future holds but I am a career oriented person and I aspire to become the CEO of an automobile company in future. It is a goal I have set for myself but I am also very passionate about modelling and Cinema. If the right opportunity comes my way, I would love to take it up as it is hard to get the right opportunity in the world of Cinema.  It would be great if I can balance my work and my passion. 

What would be your advice to young girls who aspire to be a part of such events?

Confidence and boldness is the best ornament a girl can have! It is important to mould ourselves into confident individuals who are bold enough to voice one’s opinion. I recommend that girls undergo training in public speaking and personality development so to emerge as confident individuals. The Miss Kerala pageant is not a competition that gauges beauty alone, there is a lot more to the title than just being beautiful.  The pageant assesses your capabilities, your ability to be confident and bold when it comes to expressing your opinion.