MiRA by Radhika Jain

For every Eve who wants to look like a million bucks with jewellery, it has to be Radhika Jain’s MiRA collection. Called “Jardin d’Eden” (Garden of Eden) the line at The 6Degree Studio during Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017 was a dazzling array.

It was a unique and sensual installation with just the right amount of glitz and glamour. With hand crafted fibres and metallic elements, the accent was on white and gold that reflected purity and elegance. The imaginative display set the right amount of an avant garde look, as the models showcased their opulent jewellery against a backdrop of white curtains that focused only on their ornaments.

Lustrous gold was mesmerizingly entwined into magical pieces of synthetic ivory that had flowers and birds on it adding to the innovative perspective. Beautiful chokers, collars and head gear was displayed encrusted with American diamonds that added to the charm of the collections.

Radhika ensured that the collection displayed the fabulous craftsmanship of the Bengali artisans with the intricate designs. Keeping the environment in mind, Radhika only used synthetic ivory, which was not only eco-friendly but added to the charm of the jewellery.

The ‘MiRA’ brand is known for its impressive but very wearable jewellery meant for all occasions. Radhika’s jewellery has always had a modern twist with hints of traditional designs in silver and assorted metals. Each piece was an eye-catcher and aimed at the bold independent modern woman who is not only very contemporary in her choices, but is sure of her feminine and earthy side.

As the 21st century woman moves fashionably attired, she wants jewellery that will make strong fashion statements for her and “Jardin d’Eden” by Radhika Jain’s ‘MiRA’ label will do just that.