Minimalist elegance

Suchitra Karthik Kumar is no newcomer to the spotlight. The singer gives us a sneak peek into how she manages to look fabulous while making it all look so easy.

How would you describe your personal sense of style?

Comfortable, but with great emphasis on fit. I wouldn’t wear something just because it is in style, if the cut doesn’t look good on me. I tend to investment-shop rather than buy into trends. My look is minimal, neat and thoughtfully put-together. I only wear clothes I love. I don’t ‘put up’ with outfits or make compromises.

You always manage to have this doe-eyed, dewy-fresh look. What is your make-up regime like?

Make up is very important to me, and I almost always follow the same code – eyeliner on the upper eyelids, curled lashes, mascara, a highlighter on the lids, a touch of blush and a bold lip. I used to use a lot of kohl, but not so much now days. I don’t use foundation, sometimes not even on stage. I try my best to only pick cosmetics that are not tested on animals, so my choice is almost always Lush.

Do you have a no make-up day?

Yes, sometimes when my skin is absolutely glowing and I feel like letting it be. Even then, a dash of lipstick would probably sneak in.

A work day outfit

Since I don’t have a corporate job, I don’t necessarily have to dress ‘for work’. But I quite like the salwar-kameez. It is my go-to outfit for any semi-formal event.

So does that mean you prefer the ethnic look over an evening gown?

I like both Indian and Western wear, but it all depends on the occasion. I don’t understand this ‘Indo-western’ look, so I don’t wear it.

Do you prefer a different hair-do now that summer is here?

I like to leave my hair open most of the time. Maybe scrunch it up a little with Lush’s ‘Sea Spray’.

How about accessories? What are you favourites?

I’m not a big fan of jewellery per se. I sometimes wear one statement piece and on those occasions my clothes and make-up would be far subtler to allow the piece to pop.  I love my diamond wedding ring and a pair of diamond studs, both of which I rarely take off. And no, I don’t wear my ‘thali’.

Ever had one of those ‘I have nothing to wear’ days?

I used to. Not anymore! Ever since I KonMari-ed my closet, I have more than enough choices for any occasion. I am not much of a shoe person; I probably have 3-4 pairs, which serve me just fine.

What’s keeping you busy career wise? What are your upcoming albums/work?

Music, mostly. playback, gigs and composing. I’ve been doing a fair bit of song writing (composing & lyrics). My association with singer Ranjith has extended to our second single, ‘Elumiccham Pazham’ – a fun, flirty song with folk overtones – which we released on December 31. The video crossed 40,000 views within a day of release on Facebook – with no marketing or promotion. We were also blown away when Sun TV asked us to perform a medley of our independent singles at the finale of their top rated reality show.

A solo album called ’The Butter Club’ is also in the works. I’m too lazy and unambitious to run after labels, so I’m just going to release this on my own on Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc. I’ve also been cooking, experimentally, and I find great joy in that. The activities I choose to do are not necessarily linked to income or success. I do whatever makes me happy.