Master Practice Studio at Lulu Mall, Kochi

Master Craftsman at Work
At 11 am on Sunday morning, event organizers at Lulu Mall  were still not sure how it would all turn out. But by five pm, the Master Practice Studio was ready. An empty slot in the wall once occupied by Sky Jewellery on the ground floor of Lulu Mall had been turned into an elegant sculpture gallery with the clay works of artist Reghunadhan K.
As a part of the Green Initiative by Lulu Group and the Nature First Campaign that celebrates the power of nature, the Kochi Biennale Foundation proudly presents the Master Practice Studio! Till 15th June, Artist Reghunadhan will function in this unusual pop-up studio, using it like his work space, making artworks with clay. To see how an artist turns a material into a piece of art, go watch the master at work, every day between 3 pm and 9 pm.