‘Love Is In The Air’: With Jabeen and Sameer !

Fourteen years Into their marriage, this couple is very much in love!  

It’s February, and you know what’s special this month! It’s Valentine’s Day – the time of the year when you celebrate your love, with candle lit dinner, roses, chocolates, diamonds and extravagant gifts! It doesn’t matter if you have had an arranged marriage, or a love marriage – very often, life takes you on a roller coaster ride of events and emotions that eventually fortifies the bond you share with your partner. 

Text: Riya Sonny Datson

Photography: Binu Avarachan

Sameer & Jabeen

Sameer first noticed Jabeen at the computer centre and later, they met again at engineering college where he was one year senior to her. His heart skipped a beat each time he saw her and couldn’t stop thinking about her gorgeous smile and dimples. Jabeen, on the other hand, had been charmed by his handsome looks. It didn’t take long before they started chatting. But when Sameer proposed, she just replied saying she will talk to her parents about it. Surprisingly, both their parents were very forthcoming about the relationship and eventually when Sameer settled down with a job, he got married to his college sweetheart. Fourteen years into their marriage, the couple have been blessed with three beautiful children, Farhaan, Eshaan and Sahil. Sameer Ahmad, CEO and Jabeen Idros, Director of Learn On Technology Solutions, the international award winning educational software company, share their thoughts on Valentine’s Day with RITZ.      

What was the one quality that attracted you to your Valentine?

Jabeen: His looks…With his fair complexion, brown hair and cat’s eye, he looked almost like a foreigner. (She grins)

Sameer: Her smile and her dimples!

What was your first impression about each other? In reality, was it different?

Jabeen: The first time that I met him, I had this gut feeling about him which I must say, has turned out to be absolutely true. Things about him like…whenever we argue, he is the first person to come forward and sort it out.

Sameer: My first impression and reality hasn’t been very different. The only time I felt things seemed a bit different was when we had our baby. But I guess that is normal for any new parent!

One thing you like most about each other?

Sameer: Her eagerness to explore and try different things which I don’t think I would do! I think that is awesome. Like for example, this interview…! (He grins!)

Jabeen: He is persistent and he values principles – Something I never really gave much thought to. I have accepted it and have started following it in my life which makes a big difference.

One thing you wish were different?

Jabeen: His temper! But he has toned down a lot now. (Sameer agrees with a chuckle)

Sameer: Nothing really except sometimes…she is very persistent when it comes to getting things done! (They both laugh at each other)

Your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day?

Jabeen: I am very romantic, I would say…a candle lit dinner by the beach or in a romantic setting!

Sameer: Spending time together even if it’s at home!

What would be the Best Valentines Gift you have received so far?

Jabeen: The first thing that comes to my mind is a special gift he gave me – a musical box with a dancing ballerina and her partner – that is very close to my heart. But knowing the person that he is, he never really cares much about gifting on a special day like Valentines. I remember on one specific Valentine’s day, he realised I was very hurt that he hadn’t gotten me a gift and he promised that from then on, he will make sure I get a gift on every Valentine’s day. For me, his promise is the best Valentine’s gift! (She smiles)

Sameer: Her hand written messages are the gifts that I cherish the most! Honestly, I think Valentine’s Day is market driven. I feel you should gift your loved one when you really want to and not necessarily wait for a special day!

What would you want most for this Valentine’s Day?

Spending quality time with each other – just the two of us!

People change and evolve over the years. What change has endeared you to each other and strengthened your bond?

Sameer: She used to be very sensitive earlier but over the years, she has become stronger as a person which I think has strengthened our bond as a couple.

Jabeen: He has sobered down a lot and become a lot calmer than before. That makes a lot of difference as I find it easier to share my thoughts with him and we understand each other a lot better now.

Fifteen years down the line, how do you see yourself as a couple?

Jabeen: We are waiting for our kids to go to college so that we can get some quality time together again…(they exchange smiles)

Sameer: After 12 years, last week, we went on a road trip to Chennai as a couple and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I guess we are waiting for our kids to grow up so that we can spend more time together.

Would you want your children to have an arranged marriage or a love marriage?

We have had a love marriage with our parent’s approval so we find nothing wrong in letting our children have a love marriage.

Quick Five:

  • Recipe for a good Marriage: Be open and communicate with each other.
  • First Romantic Outing: Kodaikanal Trip
  • First Movie Outing: Kaho Na Pyar Hain
  • Most memorable Vacation: Canadian Road Trip
  • Favourite Celeb Couple: Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi