Looks like nothing is working for pretty Regina!



Dusky beauty Regina Cassandra is a talented lot. However for some reason it seems nothing is working out for her in Tollywood. Despite her best efforts she is getting only offers opposite small heroes but top stars are not giving her break. Many are wondering what’s wrong with her.

Many felt that after she romanced mega star Chiranjeevi’s nephew Sai Dharam Tej in two films PIlla nuvvu Leni Jeevitam, Subrahmanyam For Sale, she will enter into mega camp. However expect for OLX ad with Stylish Star Allu Arjun she did not get any offer.

Currently she is starring in Jyo Achutananda and Krishna Vamsi’s Nakshatram. Regina started giving statements that she is ready to star in any character and for that remuneration is not a constraint.

Speculation is other heroes feel Regina is dominating them and so they are sidelining him. If that is so then at least Regina should be seen in female oriented films. But she is not to be seen in such movies too!