LISO, Unravelling The All New Chocolate Mystery!

LISO is the new entrant in luxury chocolates segment in India!

Chocolate, the age-old gift for any reason, the oldest known medium for the expression of joy, whether it be for your child, your friend, your parent or your significant other, is in town in a new form and flavour. LISO, from Jakes Snacks and Foods Pvt. Ltd., with a state-of-the-art factory, is the latest in chocolate that is capturing the hearts and taste buds of many a chocolate lover in Kochi.

With more than three decades of experience in manufacturing chocolates and confectionary at JJ Confectionary Pvt. Ltd. and skills acquired under the guidance of renowned chocolatiers from different parts of the world, Jacob Joy and Kishore George ventured into the chocolate industry on their own home grounds out of sheer passion to give the best chocolate experience in the world to the chocolate lovers in India and abroad.

The company has introduced luxury chocolates in India under the brand name LISO. The name itself is wrapped in quaint mystery, with LISO meaning ‘smooth’ in Spanish and Spanish people being the first to introduce cocoa to the world from South America. The factory at Kolencherry, which uses both traditional processes and modern technology, rather, man and machines, is well equipped with high-end European machines and highly skilled crafters.

According to Jacob Joy, Managing Director, chocolate-making is a science and an art, which when blended well, gives the finest of chocolate experiences. A chocolate experience is not complete without the perfect texture, the classic snap, the tempting aroma, the melting that is just right and finally the sweet assault on the taste buds. According to him there are several factors that make LISO a different chocolate experience such as the finest base chocolate imported from Europe to maintain quality and consistency in taste and the accuracy and perfection of the process. Besides, LISO manufactures only couverture chocolate which contains a minimum of 31% cocoa butter.

LISO offers a wide variety of premium chocolates, including Neapolitans, Truffles, Confectionery and Chocolate Hazel Nut Spread. LISO is available in Kochi at Lulu Mall, Centre Square Mall, Pandhal Cake Shop at Panampilly Nagar and Gourmet Store at Thevara. “Owing to an increasing demand for quality chocolates, LISO is planning to move across to ten destinations in South India by March 2018,” says Kishore George, Director.

The company aims to create a culture of gifting couverture chocolates by promoting a wide range of gifting options in exquisitely created and customised gift hampers to suit every budget.  Custom packaged chocolates are also available for corporate gifting. LISO has also forayed into gifting at wedding and other occasions, which is one of the latest in gifting trends.

To allay the fears of those with a helplessly sweet tooth, chocolate contains flavanoids, which help the body fight free radicals, and serotonin, which is an anti-depressant which elevates mood. LISO, moreover, contains no vegetable fat. This undoubtedly adds to the joy of eating chocolate.