Launch of Bee Home Healthcare in Chennai

Tamil Nadu has always been a forerunner in healthcare services across the globe. Keeping this in Mind Dr.Suresh Kumar launched his healthcare service Bee Home Healthcare at Chennai 22nd Nov 2016. Bee Home Healthcare brings continued health care services for patients at your door steps.

Recuperation is always faster in the comfort of one’s home. Bee Home Healthcare ensures just that by bringing down the duration of stay in the hospital. Once diagnosis and treatment/procedure is completed at the hospital the patient is discharged to their home. Then Bee Home Healthcare’s trained medical staffs take over and continue treatment as per doctor’s orders. This brings down both cost and recovery time. The primary doctor is constantly updated and extension of medical service is done under his supervision.

Nursing, physiotherapy, personal training, lab and medical equipment are all brought to the patient’s doorstep- office or home, as and when needed – both for post treatment and for pre treatment. One can also get the doctor’s appointment easily by searching for the hospitals that are only a phone call away. All emergency health care services are also available for the patients round the clock anywhere and anytime.

There are multiples of benefits in this service as one can cut the cost of travelling to the hospitals, search for attender is cut down, access to services is not a concern and comfort of familiar surroundings like home or offices which helps one to heal faster.

Regular check-ups and emergency services for elders and challenged even if their loved ones are unable to be present is ensured. Reports and updates are sent via electronic media to both relatives in or out of the country and to concerned doctors.

Bee Home Healthcare has the added advantage of being insurance claim-worthy. All staff are rigorously trained and meticulously vetted and registered with local law and order authorities to ensure all round safety

Eventually, Bee Home Healthcare aims to be a part of every doctor’s prescription and they are also introducing services such as:

·         Bee Home Training Centre for advanced training of medical staff

·         BHC Medical Tourism, a segment that has gained immense popularity in India

·         Stericlot bandages for aseptic woundcare

The chief guests for the evening will be:

 And the Special Invitee of the evening will be Paralympian Mr. Mariappan Thangavelu, Gold Medallist, Men’s High Jump, and Paralympic Games 2016

Speaking at the function Dr. Suresh Kumar, (M.D. Bee Home Healthcare Private Limited, Stericlot Bandages Private Limited) said “I believe that complete recovery is achieved by a positive state of mind in a positive environment”, and that is precisely what Bee Home Healthcare brings to you.

When asked about Bee home Health care to Dr. Vikram, CEO of the company says “I come from a family of doctors and have been in the service industry for a while now. When Dr.Suresh asked if I was interested in joining him on his venture, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. But i must confess i was clueless on such a start-up. We worked with coordinating between patients and doctors and nurses, which was initially quite challenging. But as the days went on it became extremely satisfying as we saw the ways in which we benefitted patients and relatives.

Bee Home Healthcare has the vision of being the best in what we do and that’s the reason we ensure quality first in perfecting our operation in Chennai to start with. In our first year we aim at treating 200 patients a day. Our long term goal is to ensure insurance companies recognise the system, and this will happen with your faith and support.

As stated their process involves complete communication between every referring doctor and patient and fine tuning our health care provider to both their needs. They always promise to provide the best of services to each and every patient every single time when they are in need.