Lady doctor stabbed

Dr Ramya of Perambur ,who was a fertility specialist was stabbed at her houseĀ on Wednesday. Police revealed that business rivalry was the cause for the attack. Dr Ramya worked at a fertility centre owned by Dr Thomas for the past three years. Recently her sister Dr.Jeyanirmala started a fertility centre at Arumbakkam,so it was only natural that she shifted there.

This irked her former employer and he even offered her a higher salary after he found that patients who visited his clinic had shifted to Dr Jeyanirmala’s clinic. Due to this, he is said to have threatened Ramya.As she ignored his threats, he decided to attack her and hatched a plan with his staff.He then hired one Palani to assault her on the hand so that she could not practise. The said Palani wore a burkha and attacked her with a sharp weapon. Ramya sustained a head injury when she tried to ward off the attack. She has been admitted to a private hospital and is said to be out of danger.