Kurukku Vazhiyil Traffic Jam by Chennai Drama House

“Kurukku Vazhiyil Traffic Jam” is a hilarious Tamil play that takes a dig at the universal rule-bending mentality of people. The plot unfolds as a courtroom drama with quirky altercations and switch-overs to the past. The case deals with the alleged murder of the protagonist, a psychiatrist who always played by the rules. But his naivety had entangled him with a hot-headed money thirsty actor who had used the loopholes in the system to not only escape his crime but also entrap the psychiatrist. When all seems lost, the protagonist meets a crooked lawyer who suggests comical and morally questionable ways to tackle the situation. Does the psychiatrist remain upright or does he turn a new man to obtain justice? Who was his real murderer? The riotous second act and climax of this entertaining comedy reveals all!