Kodaikanal Wont!

A group of activists in Chennai just released a special song for Unilever CEO Paul Polman! Through this video, Chennai-born rapper Sofia Ashraf has one message for the CEO,‘Kodaikanal wont step down until you make amends now’!  Sign the petition on  www.jhaktaa.org/unilever

Set to Nicki Minaj’s famous pop song “Anaconda,” this song asks Unilever to take responsibility for its mercury-related liabilities in Kodaikanal. Unilever and Paul Polman have been ignoring the workers for the past 14 years. But this video is so funny and well-produced, that it is going viral all over the world!! Mr. Polman won’t be able to ignore Kodaikanal anymore.

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@PaulPolman Music video on how#UnileverPollutes in India shocking. Cleanup#MercuryinKodai and compensate workershttps://youtu.be/nSal-ms0vcI

@PaulPolman See funny music video abt how#UnileverPollutes in India. Cleanup#MercuryinKodai and compensate workershttps://youtu.be/nSal-ms0vcI