Kochin Komedians Are Back With Saturday Night Live

 KOCHIN KOMEDIAN presents ‘Saturday Night Live’ at Forplay, Panampilly Nagar

Kochin Komedians is back with yet another hilarious show that is to be hosted by George Vivian Paul, also featuring: Manish K Tyagi from Delhi, Chandroday Pal from Kolkata, Aravind Radhakrishnan from Chennai, Vinay Menon from Kochi and Navin Kumar from Bangalore. It is to be held at the ‘Forplay’ on 8th Cross Road, Panampilly Nagar on Saturday, January 21, 7:00 PM. For more details, Call Infoline: 8113976838, Email: kochinkomedians@gmail.com/komedians@gmail.com

About the Artists (as posted on the fb page):

GEORGE VIVIAN PAUL (host of the show):
George, a Mallu born into an army family, was provided with the best education across the country by parents and relatives with extremely high hopes of seeing him outrank his father and grandfather in the army, or have a spectacular career in medicine. As it turned out, he did his engineering and now tells jokes. With utterly bewildered relatives and parents wondering still how to fix him, he can be seen weirding people out at comedy venues of “KALKUTTA KOMEDIANS” and “COMEDIFIED” in Kolkata. This highly impulsive human being has further delusions of having a sustainable standup comedy scene in his hometown Kochi, hence “KOCHIN KOMEDIANS”.


Manish used to be a Commander in the Indian Navy before he decided to become a stand up comic. An Officer and a Gentleman who was forced into singledom at 48, he has some very funny tales to tell from his life experience. Manish’s style catches you unaware to deliver unprecedented stories of wit and humour. He has been performing from over 2 years now and has hosted shows in multiple venues at Delhi, Pune including restro bars, auditoriums, corporate get togethers, etc. He shows have also been aired on 91.1 FM and 94.3 FM in the past. Some of his videos have gone viral on Youtube with an overall viewership of almost 1 million and his personal channel has about 5000 followers. His facebook page has also touched the 10,000 mark in ten days of launch.

Vinay Menon started his comedy career in Bangalore back in 2012. After starting out with a few Open Mic nights, he’s went on to do shows across South India in Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Bombay, Hyderabad, Trivandrum and his home town of Cochin, including hosting shows and judging Stand up events in colleges. Currently residing in Cochin to get the comedy scene started, he simultaneously does YouTube videos of which his take on the Kiss of Love movement went viral. Vinay would like to continue his career in comedy without offending anyone and thus getting killed and he also refers to himself in the third person so that you will think he’s hired someone to write this out for him.
Chandroday is a professional stand-up comedian and comedy writer based out of Kolkata. He is a part of two of Kolkata’s finest comedy collectives Comedified and Kalkutta Komedians. He has done over a 100 shows including Auditoriums, College shows, Corporates and private parties. He also directs/acts in comedy sketches on YouTube and writes for various magazines/drama groups. An English graduate and 24 and most importantly fresh out of College himself, he loves performing for College/School kids. He loves talking about his observations on things ranging from hypocrisies in the society to daily Indian life. He loves taking digs at the established hierarchy and patriarchy in the society through humor. Needless to say, he has his own take on love and heartbreaks too. He predominantly talks in English, with some Hindi thrown in for added punches.

Aravind has been in the Chennai StandUp comedy scene for more than a year. Aravind, a winner of one of The Pundits’ StandUp Contests, recently did an opening act for Karthik Kumar during KK’s solo show – Second Decoction in August. Aravind who also has a penchant for twists in jokes has a knack of delivering jokes which never end where the audience expect them to. Aravind has performed in various shows in Chennai produced by Chennai Comedy, evam Standup Tamasha, The Pundits and Tanglish Comedy.
“Navin Kumar is a software engineer who didn’t go to IIT and is damn proud of it. He managed to escape the clutches of an arranged marriage but is now dealing with a quarter-life crisis from which he derives his humor.”