Kochi Gets It’s Very First Gingerbread City !!

 Kochi Marriott Has Once Again Outdone Themselves By Crafting the Gingerbread city!

While Kochi has witnessed Gingerbread houses earlier for Christmas, this is probably the first time, the city has a gingerbread city to its credit! The Kochi Marriott has carefully crafted the miniature city with the  hi lights of the Kochi city like the Marriott hotel itself and the Kochi metro rail apart from tourist spots from around the world  like the popular Big Ben, the London Tower Clock, Arc de Triomphe of France, highlights from Italy and Paris. The team has meticulously planned for construction of this year’s enormous Gingerbread City which includes many home-baked gingerbread bricks and more than a ton of royal icing and candy décor.

The festive task was spearheaded by Pastry Chef, Manikandan Sivamoorthy and team. 5 chefs worked on this celebratory project along with the Engineering team for 17 days. 7500 gingerbread tiles were used for the construction. The gingerbread tiles are made out of flour, ginger powder, black jack, rye flour and sugar. The team constructed this festive city commemorating the travel journeys of its culinary mascot, Jimmy Rocks.

“We wanted to showcase a very different experience to our guests this festive season and our team has come up with a brilliant journey through different cities welcoming Christmas to the city of Kochi. We even have the Kochi Metro standing tall amidst the wonderful piece, ” says Abhishek Rajagolkar, Multi-Property Director of Sales and Marketing, Kochi Marriott Hotel and Courtyard Marriott Kochi Airport Hotel.