Kat was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for Ranbir

Sources say the actress was also ‘preparing to become Mrs Ranbir Kapoor’

Amidst all the drama, confessions and revelations made on Ranbir Kapoor’s relationship with Katrina Kaif, here’s another surprise in offing. In a recent tell-all interview, Ranbir spilled his heart out on national television saying that Kat had been ‘one of the most influential, motivational entity’ in his life.


There were reports that later claimed that the actress heard about the interview but was indifferent to it and turned a deaf ear. Reports claim that the actor’s words were a far cry away from his actions, stating that he took the actress for ‘granted’ in their six-year-long relationship.

A source close to the couple claims that Katrina put ‘her career on hold’ and even stopped signing films for the sake of their relationship. She was also ‘preparing to become Mrs Ranbir Kapoor’, but was left in the lurch by the actor. Reports also state that Ranbir is trying hard to clear the air before he begins promoting ‘Jagga Jasoos’ with Katrina.