Kangana Ranaut as new Reebok brand ambassador

Continuing its global mission to change how people perceive and experience fitness, Reebok India just ‘raised the game’ with its new #BeMoreHuman campaign, featuring its newly appointed Brand Ambassador – Kangana Ranaut. The fully integrated marketing campaign, releasing today on “International Women’s Day”, aims to inspire women to become better versions of themselves, not just physically but also mentally and socially. It is a tribute to the modern day Indian woman, telling her that she is fit to rise above stereotypes and carve out her own destiny.

Embodying the Brand’s “Be More Human” philosophy, Kangana will be in a never-before-seen ‘avatar’ – fit and fearless. The pan-India campaign centres on a TV commercial that will unveil Kangana’s inspiring life story through the lens of fitness. Kangana’s intensive preparation comes alive in this film along with her commitment to fitness and passion for the Brand. Moreover, the campaign reflects her promise to lead a physical lifestyle, making her a better person and more human. This communicates brand’s key message that the benefits of fitness extend far beyond physicality or strength.

In the new campaign, Kangana will be seen challenging herself with various fitness activities including functional training, dance, yoga, kick-boxing and others, thereby communicating the overarching brand message – ‘how fit you are defines how far you go’. Her voice is an encouragement for all women, asking them to raise their game in the face of challenges while being calm and composed when a storm hits.