Kamal to create Model Village

Actor Kamal Hasaan who plans to begin his political journey from the residence of late President APJ Abdul Kalam in Rameswaram on the 21st of February said that work is going on in full swing to create a model village that will have world class education, transport and civic amenities. He said that the model can be emulated by governments to develop the rural areas. He has titled his statewide tour as “Naalai Namathey” meaning tomorrow is ours.This was the title of a super hit movie in the year 1975 which starred the legendary MG Ramachandran.

Kamal has borrowed this title to kick start his political career. He said that the title gave him good memories of the late actor cum Chief Minister who also used films as a launch pad for his political stint that saw him as Chief Minister for 10 years, a continuous three term rule till his death in 1987. Kamall has released a video in which he has recited a poem penned by him about his vision for Tamil Nadu. This video has been released on his You Tube channel and also posted on his Twitter page. In his one minute recitation he said that the youth should take over the duties of the elderly and that all Tamils should unite through Tamil. Kamal also pens a weekly column in the Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan. He said that the element of suspense may be good in films but as far as politics is concerned, straight talk is necessary. He talks about the activities of his Narpani Mandram and has plans to cleanse society and not criticise the government as alleged by certain elements. He aims to help the poor and the needy and he and his fans have copied the good practices followed by the Lions Club, and the Rotary Club.
His critics however said that both Kamal and Rajini must have found politics more attractive than films and that explains their entry into the political arena.