Kabali has Rajinikanth, will make more than Rs 500 crore: Kalaipuli S Thanu


Kabali is all set to release on July 22 and given Rajinikanth’s star power, expectations are sky high. Kabali shows
Rajinikanth as a don in Malaysia who fights for Tamils. Kalaipuli S Thanu, the film’s producer, told“I expect the movie to make more than Rs 500 crore when it releases. It will be bigger thanBaahubali because that is the power and stature of Rajinikanth. He has fans all over the world, across all age groups,” he was quoted as saying.Talking about Thalaivaa Rajinikanth, he said, “He is simple, has no ego and is very respectful. He is the same humble human being today as he was 35 years ago — despite his stature and success.”