Jewelry Designer Eishita Puri Making ‘Waste to Wear’

Fashion  Designer Eishita Puri is set out to chart a new course, inspired by her mother’s dabbling in jewelry design during her childhood. While her mother worked with semi-precious gemstones, Puri decided to take the riskier route and work with metals and other non-traditional materials.

The latest endeavor of her label, Eurumme, is a line of statement cardboard jewelry plated with metals. She talks about sustainability and design and she had explained how the idea had come about. She had spoken on how the cardboard boxes used for daily usage was used to create the pieces of jewelry.

The idea automatically fell in place with our brand philosophy of working with imperfect surfaces because cardboard also has an uneven texture. There was a lot of sampling and experimenting. It has taken almost 10 months from concept to creation. There were moments when we doubted whether people would even be interested in buying cardboard jewelry. This #Recreatewaste collection is certainly a step in the right direction. But there’s a lot of technicalities involved in terms of what materials can be plated and upcycled.