Jay Bhanushali fights at a Club for his wife Mahhi!



Between all the rumours about trouble in TV couple Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij’s marriage, an interesting drama unfolds.


Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij’s marriage was supposedly on the rocks, but the recent incident proves it totally false. According to the reports, the two were partying till the wee hours of Friday at a club in Santacruz. Everything was fine until a random man started staring at Mahhi and that left her uncomfortable.

Mahhi who had accompanied Jay and her brother Kunwar Amarjeet Singh, faced an uncomfortable moment at the club. While they were at a club, a man continuously stared at Mahhi and so they had to move to another table. Not stopping there, he followed Mahhi and stood in front of her calling him Mahhi’s fan and also wanted to exchange greetings with the actress. Jay confronted him to leave, but as he did not leave from there, Jay picked a fight with the man. Jay lost his cool and got into a brawl with the man. Later things went worst and the man had to be dragged out of the club.