Janatha Garage 1st Weekend Collections


Janatha Garage has reportedly grossed Rs 50 Cr share (worldwide) by end of the first weekend. This is said to be second Telugu film after “Baahubali” to reach Rs 50 Cr share in fastest manner.Extended weekend, holidays and festival have helped the film in big way. The film has raked in Rs 35 Cr in just four days in AP and Telangana.

Nizam                Rs. 11.60 crore
Ceeded              Rs. 6.46 crore
Vizag               Rs. 4.10 crore
G East             Rs. 3.12 crore
G West             Rs. 2.67 crore
Krishna              Rs. 2.73 crore
Guntur                Rs. 3.84 crore
Nellore               Rs. 1.33 crore
AP/T total           Rs. 35.85 crore
Karnataka         Rs. 5.67 crore
Kerala               Rs. 1.45 crore
Rest of India        Rs. 1.45 crore
US                             Rs. 6.06 crore
Rest of world          Rs. 1.60 crore
Global Total          Rs. 52.08 crore