Its Going To Be A ‘Whimsical Assemblage’ At Kahawa

Kochin Komedians Have A Mega Show Lined Up for Kochiites At Kahawa!

Its not one, its not two but its eight comedians at Kahawa, Kochi on Saturday, the 22nd of October 2016! Vikash Paul is a stand-up comedian–a chartered accountant by profession who believes he is good with numbers but not with ‘figures’. Popularly known as ‘joke writing wizard’ in the stand up comedy circuit, he brings to the table a very refreshing comedy with his humorous take on everyday events. Although he has been a Chennaite for six years, he hails from Kolkata, and loves to share the tales of Didi and Dada from the City of Joy! Having performed close to 70 shows, Vikash Paul has become a regular face at popular comedy venues across Chennai and has also performed in other cities like Bangalore, Kolkata and Cochin. Joined Evam Standup Tamasha (South India’s biggest and funniest stand-up movement) in 2015 end and has done various opening acts for and shared stage with big names in Indian standup comedy scene.


George Vivian Paul (host of the show) is a Malayali born into an army family, was given the best education available in the country by his parents. His family had extremely high hopes of seeing him outrank his father and grandfather in the army, or pursuing a spectacular career in medicine. As it turned out, he completed his engineering and now tells jokes. He is seen at comedy venues of “Kalkutta Komedians” and “Comedified” in Kolkata. This highly impulsive human being has further delusions of having a sustainable standup comedy scene in his hometown Kochi, hence ‘KOCHI KOMEDIANS’. The show also features the local comics – Shyam Narayan, George Soni, Robin Jose, Anand Iyer, Vishnu Pai, and Vinay Menon. Dont miss this hilarious show at Kahawa, opposite Cochin Shipyard, Atlantis, Kochi on 22nd Oct at 7pm! Call 81139 76838 for details.