Italy for your next vacay?

With sights that leave you in awe, a cultural history that few can boast about and stunning natural landscapes, Italy has all the makings of an enchanting family holiday destination. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone will find their own reasons to love Italy and yearn to return back to it.

Almost every city in Italy has sights that surpass the grandest of imaginations. One doesn’t have to look around much to find places of interest especially in culturally and historically rich towns like Rome, Florence, Naples, Venice etc. While adults shall be left in awe looking at the architectural and artistic marvels such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Da Vinci’s Last Supper, the younger lot shall have their own share of fun in the diverse terrain and atmosphere that each city has. After all, where else can they find enchanting lagoons like those in Venice or relish pizza in its birthplace?

Also, Italy earns loads of brownie points in the engagement charts owing to numerous museums found in the country. You name the field and Italy is sure to have a museum for it. Be it Egyptian Museum in Turin, Science and Technology Museum in Milan, Roman Civilization Museum in Rome and a special piece of nostalgia for automobile enthusiasts in Turin’s automobile museum.

Move away from the urban grandeur and you’ll find the pace of life slow down for good. Taking a cue from the Italian’s idea of relaxation, you can choose to head to the gorgeous beaches that adorn the Italian coast. The top choices should preferably be the ones in Sardinia, Sicily and Calabria with Calabria being the cheapest among all. The younger ones will lose track of time building sandcastles and playing with the waves, meanwhile the older lot can hire sunbeds (lettini) and umbrellas (ombrelloni) to just lie down, relax and soak in some sunshine.

But if your family is one comprising of true water babies, sail away and explore the islands of Sardinia and Sicily in a whole new light. With various boats to choose from and some great guides, your family can head out and seek out numerous beautiful islands or visit hidden beaches and coves that are nothing less than enchanting. A must visit is the Blue Grotto on the island of Capri. This tiny natural cavern is accessible only by lying back in a tiny rowing boat to allow you to glide through the cave mouth. But once inside, you shall find the effort worth it as the intense blue hue of the crystal waters sweeps you off your feet.

When travelling abroad, you would certainly want to cover as many places as possible in the shortest time frames. But when in Italy, especially the countryside, you should definitely consider just letting go of the haste and soak in the beautiful atmosphere around you. The best ways to do so is by taking a bicycle ride across the countryside. Do so and you’ll come across a mesmerizing side of Italy that’s worth the diversion off the tourist path.

Viren Batra, CEO & Co Founder of nirvana excursion said, “all the activities and sightseeing is sure to get your travelling clan’s appetite roaring. But then you are in Italy, the birthplace of pizza, pasta and numerous otherworldly delicacies. A close look into the cuisine shall reveal how Italian cuisine is so much more than the pizza pasta fare we associate it with. So while you should definitely try pizza from its birthplace Naples, get adventurous with your taste buds and you’ll be rewarded to the amazing flavours of Risotto, Arancina , Polenta , Gelato  and other lip smacking dishes.”