It Is A Dream Come True For Dr. Anjana Shajan !

Miss Kerala 2019 first runner up – Dr. Anjana Shajan feels she is living her dream!

The winners of Miss Kerala 2019 strongly believe that hardwork and passion eventually pays off. Interestingly, all three title winners believe that it is journey that matters more than the destination. With each passing year, Miss Kerala pageant gets tougher with more number of applicants, multiple levels of screening and shortlisting protocols. Impresario Events zeroed in on twenty two participants this year who underwent a series of training and grooming sessions on how to handle various aspects of the competition! The winners revealed that contrary to popular perception, all 22 participants shared a strong bond with each other. They were there to support each other in times of need and they felt more like a gang of friends who were ready to the take on the world! RITZ is in conversation with Miss Kerala 2019 first runner up, Dr Anjana Shajan!

Text: Riya Sonny Datson 

Dr. Anjana Shajan

From the time she was a little girl, Anjana Shajan was fascinated by beauty pageants. As she grew up, she chose to be an Ayurveda doctor but deep down, she never gave up on her dreams. It was by chance that she came across the post on Instagram about the Miss Kerala contest. Since the cut off age was 25 years, she decided that she had to try her luck! It was now or never and she didn’t want to regret later that she never tried. She registered, participated and here she is as the first runner up of Miss Kerala 2019!  

Without any background in the field, how did prepare for the pageant?

During the initial phase, we had digital auditions so I had to upload videos and that wasn’t really easy. But where there is a will, there is a way. I have never been conscious about fitness and exercise but yes, after I registered for the pageant I did watch my diet and made sure that I exercised everyday. 

Considering the competition you had, were you stressed? 

I was living my dream and I couldn’t really believe that this was happening. So there was more excitement than stress. I was just being me, thrilled to be a part of the pageant. I must say that the friendly ambience of the pageant also helped me to relax.  In fact, after I won two subtitles Miss Photogenic and Miss Beautiful Smile, I didn’t expect to go further. I was happy that I was among the top 5 and had won the subtitles. Winning the first runner up is like winning a lottery for me!

Challenging aspect of this contest?

I have never really been on stage, addressed an audience or walked the ramp with heels. Public speaking was new to me and I had my apprehensions but my mentor, Nuthan Manohar Maam, who is a Yoga expert, was constantly by my side, holding my hand and encouraging me, helping me to stay calm and composed. She has really done wonders for me by helping me stay positive throughout.

What do you think is your biggest strength? 

Positivity! I was enjoying every moment of the pageant and was positive throughout my Miss Kerala journey. I must also mention that all the contestants were very friendly and we all became friends instantly. I felt more like I was back in hostel. It didn’t feel like a competition at all. That really helped to stay positive.

Looking back, do you think you could have done better at any point of the competition? 

I think I could have answered better during Q & A session. I didn’t realise that it was time bound and I was initially taking my own time to write the answer. It was only towards the end that I realised that we had only one minute. But I have no regrets.

Who is your Inspiration?

My Mother is my first inspiration. I have also been inspired by Aiswarya Rai Bachchan and Manushi Chillar. 

Your learning from the pageant?

When you really want something, work hard for it. I believe that if you aim for the stars, even if you don’t reach the stars, you will reach the sky. So never give up!

What is next on your bucket list?

I will continue my profession as a doctor.  I would also like to do my bit for the society by joining an NGO. I feel that I can reach out to more people now since I have a title. So I would like to help the society in whatever way I can. When it comes to my passion of modelling, if good opportunities comes my way for acting and modelling, I would like to take it up.  

What would be your advice to young aspirants who want to participate in the pageant?

Be genuine, be yourself. I believe that no matter how much you prepare, if it is in your destiny, things will come to you. Taking up a profession is not the end of your life and you must chase your passion. Never give up and be positive always. It is not about winning or losing, it the journey that we must enjoy.