Inspiration from Timbuktu

A tie-dye expert tells stories, which the dye wants to show, and this was evident in Fahd Khatri’s “Tim-Bak-Two” collection, showcased at the 6Degree Studio during Lakmé Fashion Week, Summer/Resort 2017 by 6Degree. The lines of the dye took inspiration from the nature; hence the assemblage was named after the city Timbuktu located on the southern edge of the Sahara desert. The stage was set for an installation with mirrors as separations, where models posed for the viewers.

The lines of the sand dunes, which are formed by the winds, made their way on the garments with the help of the dyeing technique to create a unique pattern. To make the pattern the focal point of the design, inspiration arose from convertible cars, which were in fashion during the 1930’s, for the silhouettes.

Each garment was crafted to have different styles and drapes, which made it versatile. There was an array of tunics with drapes that could be transformed to make it into different outfits. These were teamed with drop crotch pants and wide leg pants. This was essentially done to make them comfortable and easy to pack for women on the go. Menswear included three piece ensembles with tailored jackets as the key feature.

Lines were again the guides for the silhouettes as they appeared in form of striped bands and zipper openings. The colour palette also was inspired by nature with yellow, orange, light blue, and mud green being the prominent colours.

“Tim-Bak-Two” collection by Fahd Khatri presented by 6Degree was a remarkable representation of the essence of the Sahara desert and made an impactful appearance at The 6Degree Studio during Lakmé Fashion Week, Summer/Resort 2017.