India tops the list of babies born on January 1st

According to UNICEF, an estimated number of 392078 babies were born around the world on New Year’s Day. Out of this figure, India topped the list with an estimated 67,385 babies that were born on January 1st. China came second in the list with 46,299 births reported.
The current population of the world is about 7.8 billion and UN expects it to touch 11 billion by 2100. Every year, the UNICEF celebrates the birth of babies born on New Year’s Day but for a number of newborns across the world, it was far less auspicious as many of them died immediately after their birth or within the first month of their birth. Most lost their lives due to preventable causes like premature birth, complicated delivery and infection of sepsis. However UNICEF declared that over the past three decades, the world has witnessed remarkable progress in child survival.