In The Name Of Love: Tanya Gupta and Farhad Viccajee

It’s that time of year, when romance reigns supreme. Candlelit restaurant dinners, candy, cards, gifts, flowers. Endless expressions of love.
Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I’m all for celebrating love – but strangely enough, there aren’t too many like me left. The thought process around me seems to be so different from mine, that I am left questioning myself at times.

Even though Valentine’s Day is extremely popular with the younger generation – the generation doesn’t quite believe in love anymore. We belong to that set of people who are on multiple dating apps, randomly hooking up and are ever-so-spoilt with choice. Commitment is a phobia and forever seems too boring. We’re all borderline dysfunctional and seem to be quite proud of it. But on the other hand, in the middle of this, there are still a few, who have managed to keep their sanity in place – those few who believe in the ‘happily ever after’.

They were not scared of tying the knot as they didn’t think that marriage would tie them up.

Keeping the spirit of February 14 alive, we picked a couple of those couples – who are our ray of hope at the end of this dark tunnel. Read on ahead, to know them better and understand their relationships a bit more…

Text: Anahita Ahuja

Tanya Gupta and Farhad Viccajee

Tanya, Wedding and Event Planner

What was that moment that you realized that he is the one?

I can’t really pin point a particular moment. I loved hanging out with him. Just being around him made me happy. He’s my happy drug.

What is her best personal quality?

He’s a dependable guy. Like a rock. You know nothing can go wrong when you’re with him. And he’s extremely funny – constantly making me laugh.

Define your relationship

It’s like having Pizza on a hung-over morning, or like wearing your favourite pyjamas – comfortable and happy. For me, home is where he is. It can be any part of the world.

One random happy memory you can think of…

It is a funny one actually. We were in the midst of an argument one day and I was super pissed. He suddenly out of nowhere, broke into a mad dance. Think I laughed for an hour after and of course forgot about the fight.

Farhad, Commander with an airline

What was that moment that you realized that she/ he is the one?

She was in Bombay when we started dating. After a trip to Hyderabad when I dropped her to the airport, I couldn’t let go. I guess that’s when it hit me.

What is the definition of a strong, healthy relationship?

Love, honesty, space, trust and a little bit of madness

Define your relationship…

The bond that we share is unbeatable. She’s my best friend.

One random happy memory you can think of…

Life is only as good as the memories we make. And I like the fact that it’s difficult for me to pinpoint just one.