In The Name Of Love: Ishikaa and Jayesh Mulani

It’s that time of year, when romance reigns supreme. Candlelit restaurant dinners, candy, cards, gifts, flowers. Endless expressions of love.
Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I’m all for celebrating love – but strangely enough, there aren’t too many like me left. The thought process around me seems to be so different from mine, that I am left questioning myself at times.

Even though Valentine’s Day is extremely popular with the younger generation – the generation doesn’t quite believe in love anymore. We belong to that set of people who are on multiple dating apps, randomly hooking up and are ever-so-spoilt with choice. Commitment is a phobia and forever seems too boring. We’re all borderline dysfunctional and seem to be quite proud of it. But on the other hand, in the middle of this, there are still a few, who have managed to keep their sanity in place – those few who believe in the ‘happily ever after’.

They were not scared of tying the knot as they didn’t think that marriage would tie them up.

Keeping the spirit of February 14 alive, we picked a couple of those couples – who are our ray of hope at the end of this dark tunnel. Read on ahead, to know them better and understand their relationships a bit more…

Text: Anahita Ahuja

Ishikaa and Jayesh Mulani

Ishikaa, Fashion Designer

What is the definition of a strong, healthy relationship to you? 

Me and him share the same opinion on this to – it is about respecting, valuing, appreciating and loving your partner endlessly.

Tell us about the bond you two share?   

The bond we share is basically of two best friends who share everything with each other and then tend to have various different/ opposite opinions for different situations. But at the end we luckily both have that ‘connect’ on how to respect the other partner’s decision.

What is his best personal quality? – 

His passion to live life to the fullest as well as to balance out mostly all the aspects of family life.

One random happy memory you can think of…  

When we both went scuba diving together – the whole experience of us diving together was quite special.

Jayesh, Businessman

What is the definition of a strong, healthy relationship? 

To respect, value, appreciate and love your partner endlessly.

Tell us about the bond you two share?  

We have our bond of intense friendship, honesty and we pour our hearts out to each other when it comes to talking and discussing things/situations. As every marriage has its own highs and lows we have our own but at the end it’s the affection and love for each other which wins over everything.

What is her best personal quality? 

Her caring and sweet nature and her art to spread love to the closed ones.

One random happy memory you can think of… 

One of the most recent happy memory was when she set up a surprise date night at Casbah, Westin for me.