#honestconfessions: Chennaiites reveal their most awkward dates

We’ve all been those awkward dates, when things just don’t go as planned! Sometimes you wish you could just curl up and just disappear. Looks like our Chennai brethren have been in similar situations

We did a little and came across a couple of gems.

I ran into my ex on a date


I was dating this girl in college and we were on our third date. Everything was going according to plan. A romantic movie after which we went to Papa Johns for lunch. I was hoping to make an impression, after all you know what they say about third dates.
So were half way through our meal when my my ex walks in, imagine my horror. And she walks straight up to me and begins talking. Anyway, looked like the girl I was on the date was the jealous kind and she just flipped. All she kept asking how we could be together if i could hide something that huge from her.
I guess you can’t have the cake and eat it too!
I was dating my cousin
I came across this really pretty girl on Tinder and the moment I saw her picture I just had to swipe right. We hit it off and we began dating, and for quite a long time too.
She finally decided to introduce me to her parents and soon I realised I was dating my cousin. Well, it was awkward for the both of us, safe to say we won’t be meeting up any time soon!