Healthy Foods have more calories than a Burger

Diet conscious people and nutritionists often tend to avoid burgers due to the high amount of calories one consumes with a single burger. People binge on a healthy diet and often go for foods that pump in fewer calories or go in for diet chart where the number of calories oscillates from 600-1000.  It is a true fact that diet is the first most important aspect of maintaining a healthy well being and one must keep their diet in check in order to lead a healthy life.  Interestingly it is revealed that not all “healthy” foods are actually good for you. In fact, if you were to ask the average person which of the following foods contains more calories — a hamburger or a salad — most people would choose the salad.

However, there are many popular health foods that have plenty more calories than a simple hamburger.While it’s not to say that a burger is always the healthy choice, it’s often a shock when people discover their health-conscious meals are not always as good for them as they were led to believe. With so many healthy meals potentially changing peoples mindset, here are some of the common culprits:

Chicken wraps

It is common to see a chicken wrap on the menu In any fast-food chain. While some of these options are small and contain grilled chicken, the reality is that most options are carb-heavy wraps, high-fat sauces such as mayonnaise and extras including cheese and avocado which can easily tip well over 700-800 calories in a single wrap. This is especially true when the wraps are made using deeply fried chicken schnitzel which can bump the calories of a wrap well over 1000 per serve.



Regularly on the menu at dessert outlets and those sprouting low-carb diets, with flour replaced with coconut flour or almond meal, does not make any kind of pancake low in calories. Rather the mix of a dense flour along with sauces, cream, ice-cream or yogurt as well as fruit means that the average serve of healthy pancakes will contain at least 600 calories and more likely closer to 1000 if you enjoy your pancakes with plenty of extra toppings.

Acai Bowl

The delicious bowl is a good mix of muesli, fresh fruits, and nuts that appear on the social media page of many an influencer look about as healthy as you can get. Whilst pretty, the mix of fruit juice, fruit puree, toasted muesli, and nuts means even a small acai equates to at least 600-800 calories and a massive 60-80g of sugar. In food terms, this means an acai bowl is more a special treat dessert meal rather than a regular healthy breakfast option.

Caesar Salad

This is on the top of any diet freak who looks to binge on these salads on a regular basis. This simple salad with a  mix of leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a little dressing contains minimal calories.  However, while adding fried meat, lashings of cheese, toasted bread, and creamy dressings this may have a calorie overload. The average Caesar will contain 800-1000 calories per serve and at least 40-60g of fat. This is also the case with a range of other salads that are made using creamy dressings and using multiple high-fat ingredients such as nuts, cheese, and avocado with pasta salad, pumpkin and feta and most noodle-based salads containing at least 600 calories per serve.

Burrito Bowls

With images of brightly-colored salads and whole grains, you could be forgiven for thinking that a burrito or nacho bowl is a healthier option than typical Mexican fare. And while these options do tend to contain larger serves of salad, in calorie terms they can still blow out the budget. The combination of rice, avocado, sour cream, cheese, and a few corn chips means that the average burrito bowl will easily clock in at 600-800 calories and that is for a relatively small bowl.