Has the young hero Ranbir Kapoor actually moved on?

Buzz doing the rounds is that Ranbir Kapoor has moved on after his split with actress Katrina Kaif.

It is said that the star is now seeing a New Delhi-based girl called Bharti Malhotra. Not much is known about her, but she is apparently close to the star’s sister, Riddhima.

It seems Kapoor scion met her through Riddhima at a bash. Bharti is apparently a part of Riddhima’s friend circle. Sources say that Bharti had met Ranbir two years ago when she had come down to Mumbai. At that time, it was just a fan moment for her.

There is already chatter that Ranbir will follow in the footsteps of Shahid Kapoor and settle down for an arranged marriage with a Delhi girl who has no connections to the industry.


Whether this is just one of those gossips in the air or whether the buzz is true, only time will tell!