Some coffee and chortles seem to be the order of the day at most cafes and bars in Bengaluru and everyone seems to be ready to laugh out loud.

Text by Namita Gupta

It’s a laugh riot out there. The stand-up comedy scene is at an all-time high now in Bengaluru. Not only the regular tipplers but everyone seems to be making the most of their weekends at these stand-up gigs. Cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs are buzzing with comedy evenings and laugh in the Luru are on the rise. The demand for the genre is seeing an upswing and how. Open mic evenings, Improv and Stand-up gigs are clearly the talk of the town. Comedy is serious business for some of these hotspots that are giving Bengalureans a dose of some fun nights with a funny twist. Whoever said ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, said it right. After all who doesn’t like a good laugh. Meet these catalysts who are changing the way we look at entertainment.


With many partners in its making Slug is changing the way how North Bengaluru likes to party. Located in Manayata Tech Park, Slug has been hosting interesting events.

What are the reasons for the growing popularity of these nights with a funny twist?

With the ever-growing stress of work, our patrons find this to be a whiff of fresh air, where they come to relax, have a good laugh with a few friends, unwind after a hectic days work along with a couple of signature cocktails and basically recharge themselves for the days to come.

How do you curate something different in stand-up comedy? Name some stand-up comedy artists and shows who have performed here?

We have our Monday night comedy property called – The Lol Project: it’s a night designed to beat the Monday Blues. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some fine talent from across the nation and we have also noticed that there is a lot of hidden talent within our patrons as well, and they have always looked for an opportunity to showcase it – so we have guests that help find their calling with the opportunities provided.

What do people like most about your place?

The fact that they can unwind immediately after work before heading back home in an atmosphere that provides good food, cocktails, a wide variety of drinks and different themed events through the week (right from Comedy Nights on Mondays, Karaoke Nights on Tuesdays, Live performances on Wednesdays and Thursdays, followed by Bollywood Themed Party on Fridays) not to forget, the pool and foosball tables.

What is planned for the year ahead?

We have our planner customised to every major event that happens both globally and nationally: right from our Diwali and Dasara nights, followed by The Octobest fest and the Halloween craze and then the Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We also have our array of events through the week which ensures entertainment across a varied audience: Like we always say – we have a little something for everyone!