Go Trekking This Weekend from Munnar to Kodaikanal

Redrawlife takes you on a thrilling adventure that will get you upclose with Nature

 “Kodaikanal the Princess of Hill Stations and Munnar are both popular and unexplored destination for those with adventurous hearts. We are offering a chance to trek from Munnar to Kodaikanal through the forest, mountain ranges etc, where you will come across waterfalls, viewpoints and much more! If you are lucky, you might even see elephants, deers or other wild animals.

The experience of walking the long winding path, staying in tents near the waterfalls and enjoying the scenic beauty of various viewpoints like top station,dolphin nose etc are incomparable!” invites redrawlife, the adventure group from Kochi. From Aug 26th – 27th. Contact the FB page of Redrawlife for more details.