Go On A Trekking Adventure to Kolukkumalai !

Redrawlife Takes You On An Exciting Adventure to explore the top station

“A remarkable journey that begins with the long hike through the winding roads to the grasslands! Trek down the lush green valleys , embracing the misty winds where you will be awestruck by the picture perfect views of the mountains around! At the end of the day, relax in our idyllic campsite, of course in a stunning location, with tents and comfy sleeping bags.

The next day is gonna be more exciting because we are gonna trek those winding routes through the mountains, the same picture perfect mountains that made you agape on the first day!” that’s the description Redrawlife, the adventure team from Kochi, gives you about this journey! So if you are game for the trek on June 3rd, 2017, check out https://goo.gl/PA7C8D for details.