Giving Life To His Artistic Vision – Aamir Sharma

Aamir Sharma, One of the most well known interior designers in India

From being struggling designers in 1999 to being one sought after names in the interior design industry, Aamir Sharma and his wife Hameeda, of Aamir and Hameed Interior Designers & Contractors, are not only super well-known in Hyderabad, they’re also one of the most famous couples in interior design circles. Their projects range from homes from the super-rich to lavish restaurants and bars and luxurious apartments. RITZ catches up with the ultra chic couple at their premium office space.    

Give him a sketch pad and some pens, am empty space to visualise and he can put together a fabulous design in a few hours. Aamir Sharma, one of the most sought after interior designers from the country today, prefers using old school techniques to pen down his thoughts. Yet he manages to bag some of the country’s most coveted projects, having designed for the likes of Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty, Tollywood actor Allu Arjun, some of the biggest real estate groups, most popular restaurants and the uber rich of Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and Dubai.

“I firmly believe that a good designer should always be able to pen down his thoughts,” says the stylish 40-something-interior designer. Unlike the ladies (many of who are his predecessors and who he respects immensely) Aamir is not one to be satisfied by adding fluffy touches to the interiors or a home. “That’s the job of a decorator,” he states. “Give me an empty space, an idea of what you want and the freedom to express myself in how I perceive your needs and I can come up with magic,” he tells.

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The list of awards and accolades to his name is endless. Beginning in 2007, the duo have bagged nearly every design award possible. Ranging from the IIID National and Regional Awards (multiple number of years), to the Society Interior Award and Elle Decor Award, the icing on the cake has been being featured by Forbes in their list of top 7 interior designers and architects to look out for. “The awards are a great acknowledgement of our work, and I’m grateful for them. But they’re not what I am after,” says the designer.

Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers and Contractors, much better known as AANDH, are pioneers in the city of Hyderabad to introduce the concept of high end and contemporary designs around a decade ago to the city that was steeped in traditional Nawabi culture and design aesthetic. The phrase “Out of the Box” is completely justified with the kind of out results they firm delivers. “We have created such a huge palette of designs – no one project of ours is similar to the other – that sometimes I am amazed at what we have done,” he explains.

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The designer duo’s own home is being featured in a coveted interior design magazine and Aamir feels that it is one of his best projects. “I would say residential projects are my forte, though I have designed more than 47 restaurants and bars in Hyderabad alone in the last eight years,” he tells, the pride of his achievements shining through his voice. N Grill in Hyderabad, Prost in Bengaluru, a boutique called Floor Deck in Hyderabad, actor Suniel Shetty’s boutique called More Mischief, Allu Arjun’s farm house, these are all some of his most talked-of projects.

“However, the most outlandish would be a 10,000 sq ft apartment in Dubai, where I really had to go over the top as the client wanted the space to be done entirely in white. I personally don’t like white as a colour, but I took it on as a challenge and the end-result, if I may say so myself, was quite spectacular. I used bright pops of colour to balance out the white and the result was astonishing,” recalls Aamir.

Giving Life To His Artistic Vision

From his days of struggle two decades ago to completing at least 3 projects a month now, Aamir Sharma and his wife Hameeda have come a long way. “All I ask for is a free hand to create,” tells Aamir. “I can then keep other factors in mind and give you the best possible design for your space.” And judging by the number of projects he and his team are working on, his claim is completely justified.

Quick 5 With Aamir Sharma

Favourite colour: Black

Favourite material: Wood

Favourite space: Penthouse

Favourite attire: Worn out jeans

and a shirt

Favourite hangout: The balcony of his home with a view overlooking the Golconda Fort