Get Ready For A Laugh Riot With Kochin Komedians!

‘Silly Point’, India’s first cricket based comedy show at Arena Game on!

“Funny Side Up presents Silly Point – India’s first cricket based comedy show. The show will feature jokes only on cricket – our country’s favourite sport after eve-teasing. Why did Robin Singh puke on the field? Was Anil Kumble India’s fastest bowler? Rohit Swain and Hriday Ranjan will take you down a memory lane of the hilariously tragic life of an Indian cricket fan” posted the Kochin Komedians on Facebook.


With their first India tour (8 cities), Rohit & Hriday are gonna present one fun hour of stand up comedy sprinkled with parody songs & sketches.

Rohit Swain
His stage performances are a mix of Stand Up, impersonations, sketches & funny songs on guitar which keeps his style of comedy delightfully amusing. He has been featured on NDTV’s The Rising Stars of Comedy where he was hilarious as hell. He is surely an act you should not miss.

Hriday Ranjan
Hriday Ranjan is a Stand Up Comedian based out of Hyderabad.
He has been performing in the city since 2013, after winning the Punchline Hunt for Hyderabad’s Funniest Stand Up Comic? contest. He is also one of India’s most followed humour bloggers, with his blog Heartranjan regularly finds mentions in newspapers, magazines, and the internet.
He is also a singer and composer, and musical sketches and parodies form an integral part of his comedy routines. He is also pursuing an M.Phil, which began shortly after Shah Jahan finished constructing the Taj Mahal.