Funny take on how to make your Indian wedding perfect



In a country where weddings are a vibrant social affair than a ceremony for the bride and groom, there is hardly any space left for the couple to enjoy the most important day of their life with so many social interactions pending. So what do you do when your wedding is in the next few weeks? Famed American-Indian comedian Rajiv Satyal and Culture Machine’s digital channel ‘Being Indian’ takes you through the gist on an entire Indian wedding saga in a video titled ‘A Guide To Indian Weddings’ and show you how to have fun while at it!


From being named the funniest employee at P&G to doing stand-up comedy at corporate events to becoming very serious about comedy, Rajiv Satyal has come to be an established name in the comic circles. In his own satirical way, he describes a variety of things that can and should be done a little differently to make your wedding a lot more enjoyable! From living in the moment and spending quality time with everyone, to making sure each one has a blast at the wedding, Satyal takes us through every aspect of the wedding that can be reformed slightly. Friends, relatives, drunk relatives, not-so-close relatives, foodies, and everyone else – Rajiv tells you how to handle everything (including your cell phone)!


A hilarious, yet realistic and very handy advice to every Indian who is about to tie the knot, this video is a must watch!


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