From here to eternity

Ganesh & Nisha (3)

Magic does happen, all it takes is a little space and time. Call it magic, call it a miracle or just pure chance, Ganesh Venkatraman and Nisha Krishnan are certain that they have met their soul mates. Friends turned lovers and now man and wife, the two certainly make it hard for you to refute Paulo Coelho’s words – “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

For workaholics like this celebrity couple, finding each other on the sets of Namma Veetu Kalyanam now seems like scripted destiny. “I met Nisha a day before the shoot at Kala master’s house, but it was on the set that we hit it off. The thing that impressed me most about her was her work ethic,” says Ganesh. Distance does make the heart grow fonder. “It was after I left the sets of Namma Veetu Kalyanam that I began to understand how much Nisha had come to mean,” he adds.

Talking about her first impression of her then co-host, Nisha says, “I was pleasantly surprised by Ganesh. I had always thought of actors as being difficult to work with, but Ganesh did not fit my stereotype.”

Ganesh & Nisha (2)

In this age of technology, a single beep on your phone can mean many things. For this couple, it meant the beginning of their love story. “I began texting Nisha once I left the sets of the show. Initially I would watch the episodes just to gauge how good I was, but ended up totally enamoured by Nisha. I remember texting her ‘You were fabulous,’” says an excited Ganesh. “I did not know how to respond to the texts. It was so unlike a film actor to compliment a TV actor. I took my own sweet time to reply, sometimes even 15 days or so,” says Nisha.

The best relationships do start as friendships. “I married my best friend,” says Nisha. “We began spending time with each other and somehow it never seemed like a date.” Talking about their first ‘date’ Ganesh tells us, “It was right after she had returned from a shoot in Bengaluru. We met up for lunch and I felt that Nisha just beautifully filled up this void I felt ever since I moved to Chennai. We spent almost four hours just talking. Soon we began doing the most mundane things together – from dance classes to helping each other stick to a diet. I would even WhatsApp Nisha lyrics asking for the meaning.”

It is destiny, and once the stars have spoken, it is absolute. “Even as a child I believed with all my heart that there was someone made just for me – my soul mate! I felt this sense of comfort with Nisha that I never felt with anyone else. It’s like we picked up right where we left off in our previous life,” says Ganesh.

Ganesh & Nisha (1)

It was after a year of being friends that Ganesh decided to take a leap of faith. “It was on December 20th that we finally poured our hearts out to each other,” says Ganesh. “We had always told each other how much we cared via texts, but it was for the first time that we looked each other in the eye. Once that connection was made, words ceased to exist,” smiles Nisha as she seemingly wanders back into the past.

“On our drive back along the ECR after lunch, we stopped at a church. It was Christmas time and the atmosphere was divine. I began having a conversation with God, and in that moment my mind was clear. I felt God telling me, ‘What are you waiting for? This is your moment!’” says Ganesh. Even as a sense of calm prevailed over Ganesh, a myriad of emotions clouded Nisha. “I sat there completely confused even as I watched Ganesh pray. Once he was done he came up to me and began saying things like ‘I spoke to Jesus, I told him that I will take care of you for the rest of my life.’ It was like I had an instant answer to my prayers. I just sat there and sobbed,” says a rather emotional Nisha.

The rest as they say is history.

Enthusiastic about their life ahead, seems likes destiny has marked its path for the couple, to remain forever ‘young in love’.