For The Love Of Art – Edgar Pinto’s Collection

Edgar Pinto is an ardent Art Collector who owns the renowned Kashi Art Gallery

Art is a beautiful form of expression – it can be feelings, thoughts, perceptions or just the essence of a fleeting moment. Though it has been engraved across all cultures in their history, tradition and architecture, very often, these priceless masterpieces are taken for granted. RITZ explores exquisite collections of an art enthusiasts from Kochi for whom art is a passion and though collecting art is an expensive hobby, he continues to nurture it for the sheer love of art!

Words: Riya Sonny Datson

Photography: Binu Avarachan

It was while restoring the 300 year old, ‘Old Harbour Hotel’ with renowned architect Karl Damschen that Edgar started exploring the world of art.  “It was for my hotel that I first started interacting with artists and seeing their work; and that’s when I stumbled upon my passion for collecting art! I have been fascinated by works of famous artists, student artists, tribal art and sometimes even rare antiques. For me, more than the artist, the creation itself is what is important. Each artist is different, sometimes they express through images, visual displays or even audio visuals. The way they interpret it, is what attracts me to their work. What appeals to me may not appeal to everyone else.” His collection has everything from paintings to sculptures, tribal art, bronze art, contemporary art, abstract work and digital collage.  Edgar has his private collection at his apartment in Kochi, apart from the ones displayed at his heritage hotel in Fort Kochi called The Old Harbour Hotel, his café, the Kashi Art Café and his art gallery, the Kashi Art Gallery, which was also one of the venues at the Kochi Muziris Biennale. Every year, the gallery hosts 3 to 4 shows by artists from across the world.

  • First Acquisition: A Digital Collage by Yusuf Arakkal
  • Art Trigger: Its instinctive, it strikes a chord within you!
  • Inclination: Bronze Sculptures
  • Treasured Possession: Each piece in my collection
  • An Impulsive Buy: Every purchase!
  • Exploring art abroad: Have works by Mexican, Srilankan and Iranian artists
  • On the Wish-list: A 3D Skull Art by British artist Damien Hirst