Fit as a fiddle even at 85

85 year old Ginette Bedard runs for 3 hours a day all 365 days in a year whether it is raining or shining. This woman born in France attributes her long life to keeping fit. She will be the oldest woman who takes part in marathons. She said she runs to pass time as she retired long back and her husband is no longer around.

She now lives in New York and makes her way to the beach which is a stones throw from her house every morning. She became a US citizen about 20 years ago and she runs for about 20 kilometers every day. She does not believe in keeping diets and indulges in a little wine, cheese and ice cream. She began long distance running at the age of 69 and while running, she doesn’t listen to music. In fact she doesn’t like anything in her ears. She just reminisces about her early life while running.