Fire & Ice at Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium,Chennai



Fire and Ice is a celebration of the emancipation of the Indian women breaking free from the shackles of a conservative social mindset. She is no more the archetypal home-maker. She is confident and reassured, aware of her potential to stake her claim as a front runner of progress in all fields.

She is at once like the two diverse elements Fire and Ice, radiating positivity and warmth while being cool and unruffled by the expectations of those around. She has arrived on the big stage in the world, ready to take on the challenges thrown in her direction with equanimity and enthusiasm, while carving her own niche and claiming parity with the opposite gender.
As a tribute to the ‘Aaj Ki Naari’, they present two such women Sunny Leone and Neha Kakkar who have done all of this and more while establishing themselves as entertainers and more importantly become icons in their own right.


Artists: Sunny Leone, Neha Kakkar, Poppy Jabbal, Sidhika Sharma, Veronika Singh, Gehna Vashisht

Where: Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Sydenhams Rd, Periyamet, Chennai

Date & Time: Sat 25 Jun, 07:00 PM